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You may have heard of an ‘exit interview’ which is conducted when and employee leaves your organisation. However, due to the ‘great resignation’ and current market trends, it is clear we need to be understanding what can keep our high performing employees around before they choose to leave. This is where stay interviews come into play.

In this report you will learn about:

  • What is a stay interview?

  • How to conduct successful stay interviews (including question examples!)

  • The benefits of stay interviews for your business

Download your copy here!

Stay interviews are a relatively new concept which incorporates reasonable feedback from your people to help determine any areas of improvement and can hugely assist in boosting your employee engagement and reducing employee turnover.

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This paper is a completely free, short and easy to read and created with all businesses in mind. To help ease the effects of candidate shortages and to boost employee engagement, Chandler Macleod is considering all new ways to help improve business processes from the hiring stage through to onboarding and even in long tenure employment. We hope this paper provides some fresh ideas on how to keep your staff engaged, and we will be here with more thought leadership to share soon!

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