You can download the report here

Why are we talking about golden standard recruitment practices now you may ask. Shouldn’t all hiring processes established be according to a gold standard already?

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Most importantly, as time goes on and technology, people and the landscape of work are ever evolving, the expectations of the hiring process are also expanding and reaching new heights.

Did you know that 73% of our survey respondents felt that the hiring process seriously effects their desire to work for an organisation?

What’s in the report?

In this report you can expect to get a clear understanding of what a candidate short market is, and the struggles it causes for many employers.

Most importantly, we look at results from a survey we undertook to better understand the candidate experience. We surveyed multiple candidates who had gotten to interview stages of the recruitment process. In this process we were able to provide advice on:

What’s important to quality candidates

  • Hiring mistakes you could be making and how to avoid them

  • Hiring processes to remove, and what to implement instead

  • How to appeal to and win over quality candidates

  • How to retain your top talent

You can download the report here

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Why you should read this report

If you want to be perceived well, and truly become a desirable employer for top quality talent, this report is for you. This document is packed full of free advice and commentary that can help you improve hiring processes so that you begin to build an easier, simpler hiring experience not only for candidates, but for you too.

You can begin to ease hiring struggles at the same time as improving your company culture and reputation with many of the tips included in this report.

You can download the report here

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