Our Values

At Chandler Macleod we have six common values that form the foundation of everything we do and guide every decision we make; Principled, Responsible, Purposeful, Composed, Open and Humble.

Our values are important to us and provide new and existing employees, customers and candidates with a sense of who we are. If our actions are in line with our values, we can be assured we’re doing the right thing.


At Chandler Macleod Group, being Principled means standing up for what’s right and being fair and ethical. Our people are expected to display a strongly held set of values that supports our organisation to be consistent in the choices we make.


At Chandler Macleod Group, being Responsible means we take ownership of our decisions and results, and are mindful of the impact our behaviour has on others. We examine our contribution to all situations, giving us the ability to continually learn and keep moving forward.


At Chandler Macleod Group, being Purposeful means we remain focused on our end goal and see things through to completion. We are confident in our priorities and decisions, ensuring we are always on track to achieve our business strategy.


At Chandler Macleod Group, being Composed means we maintain a sense of perspective and demonstrate self control at all times. This calm and stable demeanour enables us to act effectively under pressure.


At Chandler Macleod Group, being Open means we are transparent in our actions and motivations and we share information freely with others. People clearly know where they stand, encouraging trust amongst all stakeholders.


At Chandler Macleod Group, being Humble means enabling and recognising the contribution of others as well as our individual success. We are confident, not arrogant, and acknowledge there is always a lot to learn and many ways to improve.