What does Neurodiversity mean?

Neurodiversity consists of normal and natural variations of brain function and behavioural traits. It is a term often used in conjunction with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other neurological differences such as ADD and Dyslexia.

Neurodiversity avoids looking at neurological differences as disabilities. Someone who is neurodiverse does not have incapacities, but they simply function in alternate ways to those who are neurotypical.

Neurodiversity - Chandler Macleod

What we do.

Peoplebank and Aurion, two Chandler Macleod Group companies are working hard and passionately to support neurodiversity in the workplace. They have both partnered with Specialisterne so that they can help employ capable, intelligent people who happen to be neurodiverse.

So far, Peoplebank have…

  • Placed 40 people across a range of technology and support roles into NDIA, ATO, DHS, ABS, and Seeing Machines

  • Opened discussions with clients about the value of hiring Neurodiverse candidates in ACT, QLD, VIC and SA

We look forward to continuing to place great neurodiverse candidates in the right role for them and for our client.

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