Our Solid Start Program was developed to provide clients and candidates with the specialist support they require to help you unleash the diversity potential in your organisation.

​What is Solid Start

We use our Solid Start Program to support Indigenous careers. We do this by minimising bias and maximising diversity of talent and knowledge during recruitment. We then provide critical Indigenous employee support during the onboarding period.

We provide mentorship, coaching and your nominated placing consultant will provide full case management wrap around services. We can also work with you to increase employee engagement and reduce turnover by recognising potential cultural differences and biases.

How Solid Start Works

    • We work directly with Indigenous communities, organisations, and businesses

    • We have the capacity to co-design with state and federal government agencies (e.g. NIAA)

  • We develop Indigenous employment plans with a long-term vision

  • We modify our recruitment and selection strategies to the Indigenous market

  • We tailor assessment programs to ensure BestFit candidates and reduce bias

  • We educate, mediate, and mentor clients on cultural corporate protocols

  • We identify candidates and clients specific needs and customise our support

​We provide these services based on the support our clients and our candidates require. Our Indigenous communities are diverse, therefore it is important for our program to be tailored and our team to be agile.

Why we do it:

We want to build an environment where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people feel empowered to apply for the jobs they want and where their strengths and skills will be valued.

Case Studies

Read how we have been successfully providing Indigenous employment support for our clients, candidates, and employees to create a more inclusive and diverse Australian workforce.

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