Human Resources Jobs in Australia

With 55 years of experience in the human resources sector and 21,000 staff members working at client sites on a weekly basis, Chandler Macleod' well and truly knows the human resources space. Working with companies, organisations and government sectors in a wide range of industries and across all levels, our expert recruitment agents can find and connect you with the HR jobs you’ve been searching for.

Whether you’re a HR Adviser, an Organisational Development Consultant or the Manager of a human resources department, Chandler Macleod has the experience, know-how and industry relationships to help you find permanent, casual or temporary employment. When you choose Chandler Macleod, you’re choosing a recruitment agency which will provide you with regular employment opportunities, prioritise your workplace safety above anything else, and pay you correctly and on time.

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We recruit the full scope of human resources jobs:

  • General Manager HR
  • General Manager of Organisational Development
  • HR Adviser
  • HR Officer
  • Training Manager
  • Learning and Development Manager/Consultant
  • Organisational Development Consultant
  • Change Manager
  • Work Health and Safety Manager
  • Recruitment and Resources Officer
  • Remuneration and Benefits Coordinator

Our Geographic Footprint

The Chandler Macleod Group covers 5 geographical areas, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. With extensive experience, knowledge and resources, our recruitment teams connect job seekers with an array of domestic and international opportunities, from human resource manager jobs to training manager jobs.

Globally, we have over 1,000 full-time employees and over 13,000 individuals working each week throughout the Chandler Macleod Group business, which includes Aurion, AHS, Vivir, Luminary Search, OCG, Cornerstone Global Partners and Grafton Consulting.

Skills Profiles for Human Resources Jobs

Designed to inform and illuminate, Chandler Macleod’s Skills Profiles provide job seekers with information regarding salary data, employment trends and forecasts, job market information and hiring criteria for a number of occupations. Check out our Skills Profiles for the HR sector and discover what human resources is about:

HR Employment Market Update

Chandler Macleod's bi-annual HR Employment Market Update provides insight on job market conditions, permanent and contract pay rates and employment trends.

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Australian Opportunities

Are you ready to start your HR career or find your next great role in the industry? Chandler Macleod’s team of experienced and dedicated consultants are here to help.

Working together, we will establish what you’re looking for and which roles would be most rewarding. Using our huge network of client contacts, we then aim to connect you with the full-time, part-time or temp work opportunities that can make a difference. The support doesn’t end there either. If you’d like to apply for a role, your consultant will help prepare you for the recruitment process and will respond to any questions or concerns you may have long after you’ve started in your new position. You can learn more about the benefits of working with a recruitment agent here.

To get started, contact your local Chandler Macleod branch for more information today. Whether you’re looking for HR jobs in Melbourne, HR jobs in Sydney or HR Jobs in Brisbane, we can help you achieve your goals and unleash your potential.

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