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Total Talent Management

Refers to an employer’s practice of routinely considering their Total Talent options when it comes to talent acquisition and in adopting a flexible and holistic approach to staffing their company’s business outcomes. For example, when there is a job to fill, an employer that practices Total Talent Management will consider various options such as hiring a full-time employee, a fixed term, part-time, temporary or statement of work employee (SOW) or alternatively and more often now using AI/ automated process to fulfil scheduled work.

The traditional view that permanent talent is the responsibility of HR whilst Procurement oversee temporary and flexible talent options, is failing Australian companies.

Total Talent Acquisition

An employer that practices a Total Talent Acquisition approach refers to an employer whose talent acquisition function, treats the attraction and engagement of all - ALL - potential employee types (not just full-time employees) with equal attention and focus.

Workers in fields that have experienced extreme increases in demand due to the pandemic, (e.g., healthcare and technology) are more likely to be affected by increased workloads and burnout and are resigning in record numbers.

Indeed, “The Great Resignation” has highlighted the need the urgent need for companies to support and protect their full-time employees. Their positive endorsement of your employer brand and your care and attention to their wellbeing is essential.

A company’s ability to attract non-permanent talent to your talent pipelines and to understand how create user experiences that to grow, engage and maintain, segmented talent communities, is essential to your Total Talent Acquisition strategies. Total Talent Solutions will work to engage talent who are ready to work for your brand, when you need them.

In 2022 developing a Total Talent Acquisition approach, whether alone or with the support and guidance of an outsourcing partner is becoming a priority, not an option.


Total Talent Management - Australia 2022

Total Talent Management remains an operational aspiration for most companies in 2022. Our clients, who represent a broad cross-section and a considerable percentage of the Australian, Public & Private sectors, are increasingly seeking support and advice on how to transform their talent management strategies, approach to workforce planning

Existing employees, now more than ever, are every company’s greatest strategic asset. The retention and re-skilling internal talent, as the digital revolution radically changes the business environment, is a key challenge faced by most companies in Australia. In addition to these challenges, business leaders are also, fast realising the tangible, financial impact of: rising talent acquisition costs, increasing skills shortages, lengthening time to fill open roles and the unprecedented changes required to create an effective and competitive employer brand a company’s broader talent strategies attract and retain talent.

Reduced access to quality talent is causing tangible stress to businesses and their hiring managers. This stress is set to worsen for companies who do not review and update the design of their current talent sourcing and attraction practices.

The ability to compete for non-permanent talent and utilising flexible workforce options, has never been more important.

The need to align flexible and scalable talent model strategy with business goals and growth planning, has led to a prioritisation of a Total Talent Management approach.

Total Talent Acquisition

Your ability to attract and engage with ALL potential employee types and not just full-time employees, is therefore essential. Ensuring that your company’s employer brand, to present as an ‘Employer of choice’ has become a basic requirement to remain competitive.

Your Talent Acquisition model may be formed by a combination of an internal talent acquisition team, a panel of recruitment agencies, or an existing RPO or MSP program but a company’s narrative and talent attraction messaging, needs to reach every candidate type in a clear and congruent way.

Understanding how your employer brand and EVP needs to change in order to attract and engage all candidate types in 2022, is key to your ability to develop significant talent pipelines.

The adoption of a Total Talent Acquisition strategy is no longer optional in the Australian and New Zealand talent markets.

Companies who have an underdeveloped approach to attracting and engaging non-permanent employee types, will face further, costly challenges in 2022 aaccess an increasing list of skill sets.

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XPO Talent Solutions understand the sudden and permanent changes that the digital revolution and the COVID 19 pandemic has made to the Australian and New Zealand talent markets. All our solutions are designed to meet these changes and have been tailored in specific response to our client’s increased expectations of an outsourced, Talent Acquisition, partnership.

We understand our client’s frustration and why their internal teams and existing, outsourced programs, are finding it increasingly hard to compete for talent. The post-COVID, candidate market, has seen a fundamental shift in how candidates view potential employers and the “World of Work” has inarguably changed and permanently so. 2022 will see even higher levels of competition for skills

There is a change in approach required to maintain effective talent acquisition practice in 2022. Outsourcing firms who provide standardised solution designs rather than the “hyper personalisation” required by the current market for each employer brand, are already failing to compete. XPO Talent Solutions are a member of the fourth largest recruitment company globally, Recruit, however our focus is crystalised on the Australian talent market and the unique challenges it presents.

and the rise in the number of companies turning to outsourced partnerships. One recent survey published by LinkedIn suggested that 72% of the respondents intend to investigate outsourcing partnerships in the first half of 2022. XPO Talent Solutions have prepared two Diagnostic processes. One for Finance and Procurement

XPO Talent Solutions partner with our clients and guide them through the steps that they need to take, to become an “Employer of Choice” and realise optimal, competitive, sourcing and at talent attraction outcomes.

With the use of the right mix of AI and or Talent Advisor communication during the attraction and engagement process, we can raise the level of candidate user experiences that lead to positive brand perception and reviews whether that candidate is successful in an application or not.

2021 - Q4 client surveys, have also strongly indicated that the post COVID market conditions and skill shortages have permanently changed buyer expectations when choosing outsourced solutions.

Clients are no longer willing to invest in or renew solutions that do not represent design and thought leadership that can cope with the new challenges in sourcing and attracting talent in Australia and New Zealand.

Clients seeking to outsource their talent functions now expect to see: 

Post COVID – new best practice, talent advisory partners.

Post COVID - sourcing & attraction methodologies. 

Personalised & role segmented (CUX) Candidate User Experiences.

Post Covid - Talent marketing strategies and ROI on social media spend – outcome focused investment. 

Personalisation and partnership approach to the design and delivery of Talent Acquisition programs. 

Delivery process design that creates seamless hiring manager service and support.

Dedicated talent pipeline development & Talent Community management. 

Flexible technology design to replace fixed integrated proprietary offerings.

Strategic alignment with workforce planning and the re-skilling of internal staff.

Re-aligning Employer Brand and digital presence with changed candidate expectations – road mapping client’s journey to becoming an Employer of choice.

XPO Talent Solutions

We focus heavily on our client's employer brand & talent marketing strategies. Our priority is to guide clients on their path to becoming an “Employer of Choice” Whether we are providing an RPO, MSP or a Total Talent Solution, we work with our clients to build and deliver Total Talent Acquisition strategies.

We ensure that our partnerships develop and grow dedicated talent communities. We guarantee parity in candidate user experience, regardless of role type, so that our clients have access to all talent types as needed, in line resource requirements

Seeking to exceed the delivery capabilities of our own competitors, XPO Talent Solutions have partnered with a specialised digital talent marketing firm who work for our clients, to greatly increase the return on investment of digital talent marketing campaigns. The results and increase in applications a have improved considerably.

As a result of repeated success in our Total Talent Acquisition, advisory approach, our RPO and MSP services increasingly evolve to Hybrid or Total Talent models the programs mature and our clients strive towards further cost savings and efficiencies, more flexibility and greater access to in-demand skill sets.

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