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There is no doubt that training, learning and skills development is an important pillar in the success of any organisation.

It is surprising how many different moving parts there are to maximise your investment in training and to ensure that, where necessary, you are compliant with any regulatory requirements.

For the past twenty years we have been addressing the challenges of managing training across a large workforce for a wide range of learning topics from leadership development, I.T., technical training, project management, and business skills to the very important safety and compliance training.

Our flexible, agile and efficient Managed Training Service can take care of all administration and vendor management for enterprise wide or division-specific training.

Our service takes care of the end-to-end process for all forms of course delivery, face-to-face, virtual, online etc. This includes but are not limited to:

  • Management of all training administration and logistics

  • Ensuring compliance learning is managed and kept up to date

  • Managing traineeships and government funding claims

  • Adding surrounds to your LMS to ensure it functions optimally

  • Providing economies of scale via spend management and supplier aggregation

  • Facilitating quality training reports

  • and more...

We provide exceptional customer service through our training administration help desk.

We can establish and manage preferred vendor panels, monitor pricing and ensure vendor compliance with risk and regulatory requirements.

We can be your partner to ensure you are getting the best value from your training budget and to enable your training objectives to be successfully met.

The Benefits of Managed Training Services

Our vendor-neutral, end-to-end Managed Training Service will free up your internal resources to work on more strategic initiatives. While you focus on the front-end imperatives, we will, in the background, handle the details and logistics of training to:

  • Mitigate your risk

  • Reduce your costs

  • Ensure efficiency

  • Provide consistency

  • Manage compliance

  • Provide single point of visibility

  • Meet spikes in demand

  • Remove single points of failure

  • Ensure accurate data

  • Provide quality reporting

It is worth adding that we are highly experienced with compliance learning. Australian organisations operate in an increasingly complex risk landscape, and it is crucial that companies get things right with compliance training to mitigate serious consequences.

If you want to enjoy ease, efficiency, consistency and peace of mind, outsource any learning elements to our one stop concierge service.

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