Government Recruitment.

When it comes to sourcing candidates, Chandler Macleod rejects a one size fits all approach, whereby all candidates in all industries are sourced in the same way. The key to our approach is research, where we establish the demographics of the target candidates, the publications they read and what motivates them to change jobs. Through our proven experience, industry connections and market intelligence we can develop a targeted campaign to attract the best candidates. We have utilised this approach for a number of successful government sourcing campaigns.

Chandler Macleod’s BestFit™ formula has stood the test of time, leading to more accurate sourcing decisions and improved retention rates. As with every BestFit™ assignment, we undertake a complete job evaluation, which includes analysis of the organisation, the role, and the person. We produce a Job Survey Report that clearly defines the role and the organisational context, identifies the required outcomes and core competencies, and defines the Key Selection Criteria.

We recruit the full range of Government professions including:

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Business Support and Call Centre

  • Engineering and Technical

  • Health

  • Human Resources

  • Infrastructure & Rail

  • IT

  • Marketing

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BestFit™people, every time

We use an assortment of innovative appraisal tools, evaluations and methodologies to make sure that the candidates we choose are BestFit™ candidates, from both a technical and behavioural point of view. This approach is applied for both permanent and temporary positions for your team.

Our aim is to find a candidate who is the BestFit™ for the role and the business at large, thereby enhancing not only the performance levels, but also the standard level of performance seen throughout the organisation. This will help improve engagement and efficiency while reducing costs associated with high turnovers and below average performance.

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