Assessment for talent selection

Built on 60 years experience Chandler Macleod’s Helix assessment of personality helps you:

  • Make faster more confident people decisions

  • Select the best candidate for any role

Proven to predict workplace behaviour and job effectiveness, get to the core of your people with Helix in your hiring.

We believe in using the best tools and giving our clients the best advice.

Assessment Gateway is your access point to the world’s recognised publishers of employee assessments. Leading edge software lets you mix and match assessments, select the best from the world, while providing your candidates with one technology experience.

With easy to use reporting outputs and consulting advice to match your needs and budgets, Assessment Gateway is the flexibility you need.

Hiring great talent is a critical task that requires more than intuition. Ineffective hiring can cost an employer between 50%-60% of an employee’s salary. With CMPI’s psychometric assessments, you can:

  • Gain the deepest insights so you can build a comprehensive and objective view of potential candidates’ personality traits, behavioural styles, cognitive abilities and motivations

  • Accurately predict on-the-job performance with science-based tools

  • Make informed decisions that will drive high performance and reduce the risk of mis-hires

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How we can help

Team up with our human and organisation behaviour experts. We know the science of people at work and we're here to help individuals, teams and organisations unleash potential.

  • Provide you with expert analysis to help you make smart business decisions

  • Help you design and deliver remarkable recruitment, assessment and development programs

  • Provide training and consulting to help you run high-performing teams and organisations

  • Support your people through career transitions

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