Our Commitment to Safety

At Chandler Macleod, Safety underpins everything we do. Our suite of safety services can help you plan, source, assess, develop and manage for best Workplace Health and Safety. Recognising that an effective safety strategy should transcend legal compliance issues, we have proudly produced safety initiatives for some of the country’s most iconic organisations. Safety is more than just ticking boxes; it should capture the hearts and minds of the employees that must live it, every single day. 

Caring for your most valuable resource – your people

Overlooking workplace safety can result in high costs, both social and financial. These include increased workers compensation claims and premiums, more legal and commercial risk for higher-ranking managers, and a decline in efficiency. Less quantifiable, but no less impactful, a company’s reputation with its external and internal stakeholders, as well as staff morale, can also be negatively affected. 

Going the extra mile to ‘Think Safe, Work Safe, Go Home Safe’

Chandler Macleod Group’s Work Health & Safety team is constantly looking for new and creative ways to convey the safety message. Working with clients in a number of industries, we have launched several initiatives, such as:

  • SMS Injury Alerts
  • First Three, Injury Free system
  • Monthly Safety Surveys and Feedback forms
  • Presentations at high-risk workplaces

Chandler Macleod's OHS Policy highlights our dedication to providing a safe working environment for all staff, whether they be senior management, consultants or front line workers.

Services to help maintain a safe working environment

Safe workplaces can help businesses beyond injury prevention and management - improved productivity, better staff engagement, and decreased absenteeism and undesirable turnover are all associated with safe workplaces. These outcomes can have a considerable effect on your bottom line.

Imagine if your business could objectively evaluate someone’s ability to be a safe worker, before you even decided to hire them? We have an array of useful and insightful tools that allow you to complete a job safety analysis. These include: 

1. Pre-Employment Screening and Medicals:

Our pre-employment medical services offer clear reporting and prompt delivery times, and are facilitated by experienced and qualified professionals. An Occupational Health Registered Nurse will run the tests, and a General Practitioner (GP) will review them. 

The services cover:

  • Spirometry; lung function
  • Audiometry
  • Drug and Alcohol screening
  • Functional Capacity Assessment
  • Work Cover Assessment
  • ECG, Driver and HUET assessments

2. Mobility Assessment Testing

Chandler Macleod Group has created (in collaboration with occupational therapists) a functional test known as the Mobility Assessment Tool (MAT). Assessing candidates for limited physical ability and any existing conditions, this pre-employment tool helps employers hire the right people for blue collar roles.

3. A number of Safety Assessments

Our assessments are run by registered psychologists with plenty of experience. Following comprehensive, independent research by our R&D team, and based on your business’s needs, our psychologists will suggest the most effective safety assessments for you. 

Using these tools, we can give clients the opportunity to identify a potential employee’s:

  • Tendency to engage in risk taking
  • Ability to identify hazardous circumstances
  • Capacity to respect and care for their colleagues and encourage safety through leading by example
  • Ability to evaluate options before making risky decisions
  • Beliefs and attitudes towards accident prevention
  • Tendency to take safety precautions
  • Ability to take personal responsibility for maintaining a safe working environment
  • Attributes which influence an employee’s willingness and ability to work in a safe manner.

Safety @ CMG

  • Quentin Hearn, Chandler Macleod Group OHS Manager, looks at createing a safety culture the blog. 
  • What's the price of injury? Click here to see our infographic.
  • View our Safety Life Saving Commitments for Industrial and Non-Industrial roles.
  • The senior manager responsible for safety in Chandler Macleod is Morgan Sloper, Chief Legal & Risk Officer
  • Chandler Macleod's OHS Policy
  • Winner of RCSA McLean Award for Workplace Safety 2014, a prestigious industry safety award recognising a company or an individual’s commitment to workplace safety activities, a specific workplace safety solution or a specific workplace safety system

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