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Source BestFitTM talent - locally, nationally, and internationally

Strategically identifying and sourcing talent is becoming increasingly essential for organisations in today’s competitive landscape. Traditional channels cannot be relied on, while the necessity to source skills from a global labour pool is a reality for Australian businesses and companies.

Chandler Macleod’s staffing solutions involves identifying the most effective combination of local, regional and international talent. We use our proprietary candidate database, regional and global talent pools, and integrated, proactive marketing to connect you with standout applicants.

At the centre of our recruitment and selection process is our BestFit™ methodology, which can be tailored to meet the needs of every position at every level of every organisation.

Our BestFit™ formula has stood the test of time and is even more relevant today in the changing landscape of skills shortages, generational pressures and workforce mobility.

The formula is:

Behaviour = Fn (Personality • Environment) 
Put simply, a person’s behaviour is a function of who they are, their skills and temperament, combined with the environment in which they work. The environment includes elements such as the job they do, the complexity and scope of the role and the climate and culture of the organisation.

Our BestFit™ approach improves the accuracy of selection and recruitment, thereby maximising the value of human resources and decreasing costs associated with turnover and poor performance.

Our Services

Unbundled Recruitment Services (Only pay for what you need)

We understand that there are parts of the hiring process that you can handle, and there are those where you could use a hand. With traditional recruitment methods, you pay for an entire service from the job listing through to hiring the candidate. While there are many benefits associated with this type of outsourced hiring, we understand that you don’t always need an entire recruitment service and sometimes resources don’t allow for the financial outlay involved. That’s where our unbundled services come in. 


Global Talent Pool Sourcing & Management

At Chandler Macleod Group, we have international offices and affiliate partners across the globe, allowing us to source the BestFit™ candidates for each hard to fill role. Our quality assured processes, expert recruitment consultants and experience as a recruitment agency ensures our focus is on delivering the right people for the right roles in a fair and ethical manner.

Acquisition Strategy

Rather than only using traditional methods for sourcing talent, we can work with our clients to develop a tailored acquisition strategy, taking into consideration traditional and emerging techniques to attract suitable candidates for the role and the industry.

Indigenous Employment Programs

Chandler Macleod’s Indigenous Centre of Excellence has a focus on working with organisations to develop and implement best practice Reconciliation Action Plans, Indigenous Employment Programs and ‘culturally safe’ workplaces. Chandler Macleod provides tailored and culturally sensitive recruitment solutions across a multitude of sectors.

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Behavioural Interviewing

Behavioural interviewing is a structured interview technique that we use to collect information about past behaviour as a predictor of future behaviours. Each question helps our interviewers to learn about past performance in a skill area that is critical to success in the new position and is either hypothetical or based on historical examples.

Permanent Recruitment

Our permanent recruitment process sources both industrial and non-industrial permanent roles following our BestFit™ recruitment principles.

Temporary / Contingent Recruitment

Clients who experience seasonal demand for products and services and who experience temporary gaps in their workforce capability will benefit from a temporary workforce that can be available at short notice and scaled up or down to meet requirements.


Through our contracting services, clients can overcome peaks and troughs in a project’s lifecyle and provide access to qualified specialists that may be outside their network, simplifying management of individual contractors. Contractors themselves benefit from the flexibility of varied term placements and access to a wider variety of opportunities.

Executive Sourcing

At Chandler Macleod Group, we specialise in sourcing standout senior executive talent for a permanent position, or interim leadership for a special purpose, such as change management, gap management or project management.

Graduate Recruitment Programs

We understand that securing emerging talent can help ensure organisations keep pace with best practice processes and education, particularly in new skill areas. Graduate talent can also lead to improved workplace diversity and assist with succession planning for critical roles. That’s why we partner with clients to develop a program to effectively compete for, attract and retain emerging graduate talent.


Verification is an important part of our recruitment process, which involves confirming qualifications and competencies that are relevant to our clients’ role. Senior and executive roles require a more in depth verification process, but all recruitment has a minimum component of verification such as BestFit™ reference checks to assess behavioural attributes.


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Whether you’re looking for a temp recruitment agency or a recruitment company that specialises in a particular field, Chandler Macleod boasts a wide variety of HR and recruitment services that can help transform your organisation. We have locations right around the country, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Contact your local office today to get started.  


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