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Understanding people insights and developing your people to unleash true potential

At Chandler Macleod Group, we blend data, diagnostics, software tools and expert analysis to interpret and deliver deep people insights which have a genuine impact to our client’s business. Whether it’s understanding if a person is a suitable fit for a role and organisation or understanding your company culture, Chandler Macleod has the expertise, tools, technology and methodologies to assist.

Our HR Consulting Services

Assessment services

Assessing people as part of your recruitment process is a critical step in determining whether they BestFit™ the role and organisation. Backed by our strong foundation of psychometric assessment Chandler Macleod Group offers employers a range of Assessment Services for recruiting people in varying job types and industry sectors. These assessments combined with our staffing services including graduate and project recruitment enables us to source the right workforce for your human resources requirements. Our innovative Assessment Gateway online platform, a first of it’s kind in Australia, allows participants to complete their bespoke psychometric assessments online.

Through our Assessments for Organisational Culture using our proprietary Strategic Culture Gauge tool, we can assess entire organisations to identify and build upon their Organisational Culture.   

Career Management

There are many reasons why organisations need to pursue a redundancy and outplacement strategy for employees - a change in structure, a need to respond to market downturn, relocation of facilities or perhaps a merger.   Regardless of the reason, making roles redundant is a difficult process for managers, the staff members remaining, and of course, those staff who are losing their jobs.  At Chandler Macleod People Insights, our career transition consultants have considerable experience in providing support and guidance for both the organisation and the individuals. Our Career Transition and Outplacement Services help protect the company brand and provide a dignified exit and future-oriented plan for individuals.

Leadership Development

An organisation can only ever be as good as the leaders that guide and shape it on a daily basis. Chandler Macleod's Grafton Consulting business believes that by focusing on developing the abilities and potential of your current and emerging leaders, you give your organisation the best chance of success. We offer Leadership Development and Executive Coaching programs tailored to suit your business objectives.

Organisational Design

Achieving real success in the marketplace comes from aligning your organisation and all the elements of your business to the environment, your value proposition and differentiating activities. Chandler Macleod’s Grafton Consulting business offers Organisational Design services that use our strategy design tools and processes to work with you to clearly articulate your future focus to best deliver the optimum outcome for your organisation. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced HR consultants that are masters at working with businesses, designing organisations that are fully aligned at both a macro and micro level and designed to enable effective execution of your strategy.

Organisational Culture, Vision & Values

The link between culture, leadership and strategy, and its impact on the bottom line is now indisputable. Chandler Macleod can demonstrate your ROI from our consulting services by looking at the direct link between our culture and leadership work with clients and the increase in their profitability and financial performance.
Our Grafton Consulting business believes that Organisational Culture is like a flow of water – left uncontrolled, it will go where it wants. But if you control it, it can be a source of great energy, which will have a positive effect on any business.

Safety Assessments and Training

As a recognised safety leader, we understand the importance of Safety in the workplace. Chandler Macleod's Safety Centre of Excellence utilises a two-tiered approach to establish and measure effective workplace safety practices, through assessment and training. This enables our clients to recruit, select, train and develop individuals who will take responsibility for their own and others’ wellbeing.

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