Ensuring the BestFitTM placement of candidates is fundamental to our Recruitment process. Understanding the business environment a candidate will be placed in is key to delivering on this.

At Chandler Macleod Group we undertake extensive research to ensure we are aware of the changing motivators for candidates, and the latest trends impacting the industries we service.

Our suite of research includes:

Corporate White Papers

Effective Workplace Culture: What are the roadblocks to effective culture change?

The Chandler Macleod People Insights white paper, Shaping organisational culture for improved business performance, shares key findings of our research including business leader perceptions on culture.  The paper also explores the current state of play for organisational culture, the risks, common mistakes, trends and challenges and importantly key principles for building great culture from our very own Registered Psychologists.

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Talent Management: How can an organisation maintain top talent? 

Chandler Macleod’s latest white paper Talent Management: The Next Wave explores emerging trends in talent management and examines how we are managing talent in an environment increasingly characterised by change.

Effectively managing valued talent may well be the competitive ‘tipping point’ for organisations in an increasingly competitive global economy. But surprisingly, our research showed large gaps between employer and employee perceptions when it comes to talent and engagement – while employers think they know what employees want and need to remain engaged and productive, our research suggests otherwise.

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Outsourcing Housekeeping Services in Australia: Compliance Considerations

Chandler Macleod’s Industry Report on Outsourcing Housekeeping Services provides an overview of the requirements of both an outsourcing provider and a hotelier in regards to legal compliance to Australian regulatory conditions. These areas include minimum pay rates, OHS responsibilities, employment conditions, and adherence to National Employment Standards. This paper also includes examples of types of business models that are non-compliant as well as business models which fully comply with Australian regulations and provide a long term sustainable business solution.

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Skills Utilisation: How effectively is your business utilising the skills at its disposal?

Chandler Macleod’s white paper on Skills Utilisation provides insights into how our clients are leveraging the skills existing within their businesses, and what they can do to improve this key productivity lever.

Our research confirms that skills underutilisation exists, and that it’s having a negative impact on both employers and employees. The surprise is that it presents at far higher levels than most of our clients presume.

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Coming of Age: The impacts of an ageing workforce on Australian business.

There has been much said in recent years on Australia’s ageing population and workforce participation rates, but while 56% of employers believe that an ageing workforce will have a large or very large impact on their own organisation, they have been largely content to leave the issue to government policy makers.

Government, at least at a Federal level, has taken a significant role in encouraging older workers to delay retirement by targeting both employees (through policy and superannuation changes) and employers (through a range of incentives), but this approach appears to have had little impact.

The statistics regarding Australia’s ageing population are stark: in 1970 there were five people of working age supporting each Australian over 65. At current trends, this will fall to just 2.7 by 2050.

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The 10 Most Common Errors in Business Strategy

According to recent studies Australia has the shortest CEO tenure of any developed nation in the world - 23.5% compared to a global turnover average of 14.2%. Of this turnover, 20% was reported as due to dismissal. This is all within a relatively buoyant economy compared to global counterparts – so it is fair to say here - something in Australia isn’t working as it should.

Join Chandler Macleod Registered Psychologist Michael Evans as he explores and offer insight into the 10 Most Common Errors in Business Strategy with observations and recommendations.

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The 5 Faces of Productivity

If there is one word on the lips of Australian business leaders and economic policy makers at present it is "productivity".

Australia may have received a gold star for weathering the global financial crisis, shooting to sixth place among OECD countries in terms of per capita GDP, but while our economy has grown, the productivity of our workforce has flat-lined.

Over the past decade we have become significantly less productive. Multi-factor productivity shrank in the mid 2000s to unprecedented lows. Even worse, taking the data at face value, productivity seems to have completely disappeared, with the latest figures showing it at zero or even negative.

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Leadership in a Patchwork Economy

The ramifications of a patchwork economy - one where some parts of the economy are "rockin' while others are being rolled", as Journalist Andrew Pelger puts it - are far reaching.

The differential speeds of industries create differing levels of demand for products, services and importantly, skilled labour. These differing levels of demand are creating structural shifts which are not only affecting Australian businesses, but having a profound implication on the way Australian businesses attract, retain and develop their talent.

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Organisational Agility

During September 2011, Chandler Macleod commissioned independent research to find out how organisations viewed their level of agility and the pressures driving the need for their organisation to quickly adapt to changing external factors.

This research uncovered specific areas where organisations were already becoming more agile, the strategies they are embracing, as well as the pressures being felt in the demand to achieve an optimum level of agility.

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3 essential tools for people managers

Looking to downsize right? Need to do more with less? Preparing for the upswing?

Overcome today's challenges, and prepare for tomorrow's with our 3 essential tools for people managers.

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The Promise of Coaching

It is no great secret that organisations are constantly striving for better productivity and in turn results. To achieve this, some will look to implement strategic change or undertake acquisitions, others will look to focus and enhance their core business. Whichever approach is preferred, most will hope to reduce costs and grow revenue through better human performance (behavioural change) or enhanced business processes and tools (system or technological change). In fact, research suggests that 8 out of 10 corporate bosses state that boosting results through productivity is a top business priority (Telstra Productivity Indicator 2012). Unlike the significant investment required in technology built solutions, changing behaviour does not require a large financial investment, it is predominantly about constructively challenging peoples' mindsets/attitudes, which then paves the way for skill development and change.

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Why is engagement so disengaging?

Organisations invest heavily in engagement, but what are they really getting in return? There is no denying that engagement has a positive effect on the individuals that experience it as well as the organisation more broadly. Organisations with high levels of engagement subsequently have increased levels of...

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Is your organisation killing you? Is stress killing your organisation?

The topic of stress in the workplace is well known – people know that stress can affect their health and wellbeing, they know that it can affect their productivity. Furthermore, often are aware that their company has a ‘policy’ in place to ‘manage’ it, e.g. work / life balance policies and employee assistance programs. But to what extent is anything actually done about it?

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Skills Profiles

Chandler Macleod's suite of Skills Profiles is designed to provide clients with a better understanding of current talent market conditions including salary data, trends, forecasts, the key channels job seekers use to look for opportunities and the top hiring criteria for specific markets.

This is an ongoing initiative of the Chandler Macleod Group, with two new profiles to be released each month.

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