Sales and Marketing Jobs in Australia

The Chandler Macleod Group has been connecting Sales and Marketing professionals with leading employers for more than 57 years. Whether you’re seeking a Sales and Marketing position with a multi-national corporation or a small-sized business, we can help you find the permanent and temporary employment opportunities that appeal to you.

Working with a team that is dedicated to you and your needs can make all the difference. At Chandler Macleod, our experienced recruitment agents will strive to provide you with consistent employment, ensure you are paid correctly and efficiently, and look after your workplace safety. Are you a Business Development Manager looking for a contract role? Or are you a Marketing Communications professional planning your next permanent career move? Whatever your role or ambition, Chandler Macleod is a recruitment agency that will work with you to achieve your desired outcomes. 

We recruit a wide range of Sales and Marketing specialisations:

Sales Jobs

  • Account & Relationship Management
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Sales Management
  • Business Development
  • Sales Coordination
  • Sales Consultant

Marketing and Communications Jobs

  • Brand & Product Management
  • Digital & Search Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • CRM Management
  • Event Management
  • Communications – Internal & External
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Manager/Director
  • Marketing Assistant/Coordinator
  • Services Marketing
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Marketing Communications
  • Online Marketing & Web Strategy
  • Product Management & Development
  • Public Relations & Corporate Affairs
  • Trade Marketing
  • Services Marketing
  • Sponsorship

Our Geographic Footprint

With locations in countries such as Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, the Chandler Macleod Group (CMG) provides job seekers with a large array of domestic and international employment opportunities.

Around the globe, we have over 1,100 full-time employees and more than 20,000 individuals out working across the CMG business, which covers: Luminary Search, OCG, Aurion, AHS, Grafton Consulting, Vivir and Cornerstone Global Partners.

Skills Profiles for Sales and Marketing Jobs

Want to learn more about Sales and Marketing forecasts, trends, job market information, top hiring criteria and salary data? Check out Chandler Macleod’s collection of Skills Profiles, which includes the following roles: 

Marketing Employment Market Update

Chandler Macleod's bi-annual Marketing Employment Market Update provides insight on job market conditions, permanent and contract pay rates and employment trends.

View the latest Marketing Employment Market Update


Providing you with a network of contacts, job opportunities and specialised support, a recruitment agent can help you obtain the role of your dreams and unleash your potential. Take the first step by contacting your local Chandler Macleod branch today – whether you’re on the hunt for temporary work in Melbourne, a casual job in Brisbane or a permanent position in Sydney, we are here to help.

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