The 10 major benefits of professional development

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Professional development is the undertaking of courses, webinars/seminars, or any other type of learning that can enhance your professional skillset in any way. Professional development can improve both technical and soft skills depending on the topic of your choice.

It’s clear to us that remaining challenged and seeing potential for growth in our careers is a common and strong driver in employee engagement. Therefore, professional development should become an increasingly important part of our work lives as we constantly aim to upskill and expand our horizons.

So, what is the positive impact of professional development for both individuals and businesses?

It’s important to note that everybody wins when it comes to professional development. There are substantial benefits to both individual employees and employers when it comes to investing in professional development. Here’s how:

Professional Development Employee Benefits

  1. Upskilling allows for more and better opportunities in your career

  2. Gain confidence in your work with more knowledge and understanding

  3. Become an expert in your field or passion

  4. Get to know more people from a broader network

  5. Enhances your professional reputation

  6. Remain challenged in your role and avoid complacency

  7. Have the most up-to-date knowledge in your field or specialty

  8. Cope with stress in better ways

  9. Improve your emotional intelligence and enhance business relationships

  10. Feel better equipped to take on new tasks, projects and interactions

Professional Development Employer Benefits

  1. Employees who are progressing and achieving their goals are more engaged

  2. Employees will feel more valued and are more likely to stay with your business

  3. Employees will have better knowledge to represent your business and create efficiencies

  4. Your employees will be the most updated in the industry

  5. Employees are more likely to perform at a higher quality after professional development

  6. Employee motivation is improved (another great point for staff retention)

  7. You will be building a confident and collaborative workforce

  8. It is more effective to upskill and succession plan than to hire new employees

  9. Employees will feel more comfortable to achieve autonomously

  10. Overall, you can achieve a happier, more productive workforce who are less likely to move on from your organisation and instead advocate for your brand.

At Chandler Macleod Consulting, we offer multiple professional development courses and programs to help you. You can get in contact with a member of the team today to get a better understanding of our offerings and how you can make a change in your professional life today. ​

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