New Year, New You: The Leader’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions


The New Year is just around the corner, and it’s time to consider how you can advance your management skills and progress as a leader in 2018.

Perhaps you’re looking to improve on existing work habits, or maybe you’d like to form new ones. New Year’s resolutions are a great way to contemplate your strengths and weaknesses in the workplace and set some attainable and sustainable goals to improve and grow.

Not sure where to start? Here are some New Year’s resolutions every leader can benefit from achieving.

Embrace Your Authentic Self

Being an authentic leader allows you to promote your vision and values confidently. When you have reached self-actualisation and self-acceptance, you abolish the tendency to compare yourself to those around you and to measure your worth by the approval of others. This comfortability with one’s self reduces worry and competitiveness, allowing you to create better relationships with your peers and a more trusting work environment in general. Embracing your authentic self is the first step to being a confident leader and instilling confidence in your team.

The benefits of self-actualisation go far beyond your work life, helping you become a better partner, parent, and friend as well as a better leader. If you’re unclear of your morals, values, and vision, embracing your authentic self should be at the top of your list of New Year’s resolutions.

Get to Know Your Staff

Your team is your most valuable asset. So how well do you really know your employees? This goes beyond learning their personal interests and whose birthday is coming up, although, taking an interest in the background and values of employees has proven to increase employee engagement (1) .

Getting to know each team member’s daily activities gives you insights into their strengths and weaknesses, and can help you identify the high-performers and the low-performers. From here, you can develop an understanding of what best motivates individuals and decide how to improve performance and productivity.

Focus on Your Health

Improved health and fitness is one of the most popular personal New Year’s resolutions, but did you know focusing on your health can benefit your business, too? Being an effective leader means taking care of yourself; you need to be healthy and happy before you can help others.

Focus on areas of your physical and mental health and wellbeing that may be affecting how you lead your team. A healthy body and a sound mind can do wonders for your morale and that of your employees. Learn more about how the psychological well being of you and your team can impact your bottom line here.

Seek Assistance

Regardless of your position, you should always be searching for ways to increase your knowledge and improve your skills.

From leadership coaching to organisational culture assistance, Chandler Macleod People Insights offers training and testing services to support you, your people, and your business. Make 2018 the year of progress and seek assistance to further develop yourself and your team.

Embrace Diversity

This is a goal every business should consistently strive for. Diversity in the workplace offers valuable benefits to your business performance, staff, and society in general. When you have team members from different backgrounds and identities, your business has the advantage of a wide range of experiences, perspectives, and specialties, and can appeal to a wider audience and talent pool.

Read more about the importance of having a diverse leadership team here.

Take a Digital Detox

Whether you cut down on responding to client emails at home or you turn off your work phone entirely, taking a break from technology can help reduce stress and increase productivity in the workplace. If the thought of cutting out technology makes you nervous, try setting yourself some small goals to ease into a digital detox. Some examples include:

  • Send less emails to your colleagues; make the walk across the office to ask them about that meeting.

  • Set a time limit for answering work calls and emails at home. This might be 7pm, when you put the devices down and enjoy uninterrupted time with family.

  • Reclaim at least one day of your weekend with a 24-hour social media ban.

Model Flexibility

Are you guilty of encouraging a healthy work/life balance, but modelling behaviours that are to the contrary?

When it comes to company culture, leading by example is key. Workplace flexibility is important for your team’s happiness and productivity, and your company’s overall performance. If you’re working long hours and not embracing flexible arrangements yourself, your employees may think they’re expected to follow suit.

Practice what you preach and model flexibility to encourage staff to take advantage of flexible arrangements too.

Follow these tips to embrace workplace flexibility.

Start the New Year with a bang and discover how our leadership and culture development services can help make this your company’s best year yet.

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