Finding Hidden Gems in Your Organisation


Not everyone is a born self-promoter, and it can be difficult to spot untapped potential in employees that fly under the radar. In many cases, the person with their head down is going to be just as good, if not better, than the person shouting their successes from the rooftops.

So how can you spot the quiet achievers in your organisation and make sure they aren’t going to waste?

Banish Unconscious Bias

Most offices have a mix of introverts and extroverts. In a perfect world, everyone would be treated with the same level of respect, regardless of their personality type. Sadly for the introverts among us, this isn’t always the case. Unconscious bias not only influences our choices surrounding race, age, gender and sexual orientation – it can also apply to how we perceive different personalities.

Extroverts are often portrayed as confident go-getters, while people with more reserved personalities get written off as anti-social. If you want to uncover hidden gems in your workplace, try not to fall for these stereotypes. Just because someone isn’t great at selling themselves doesn’t mean they don’t have huge potential. Your quieter employees might just take a little longer to come out of their shells.

So why bother waiting for someone to realise their full potential when you could just hire an extrovert? Because some introverts are worth the wait! By only hiring people who thrive at being the center of attention, you could be missing out on a massive pool of talent. After all, up to half of the world’s population may be introverted.

Boost Employee Confidence

Finding Hidden Gems In Your Organisation team building

Are you worried members of your team might not be getting the credit they deserve? Here’s how to create an environment where the unsung heroes of your organisation feel comfortable putting themselves out there.

  • Communicate – Some people thrive in lively staff meetings, but less outgoing team members can struggle to make themselves heard in collaborative environments. To encourage your quieter employees to speak up, make time for one-on-one catch-ups or smaller group meetings.

  • Celebrate progress – If a team member isn’t aware of how talented they are, how can you expect them to show pride in their work? We’re not saying you have to shower every employee with praise, but acknowledging success can make a huge difference to someone’s willingness to promote their own abilities.

  • Encourage individuality – Being bold and outgoing doesn’t hurt when it comes to climbing the leadership ladder, but these traits aren’t essential. A recent study even claims that introverts make better leaders than extroverts. Reminding employees there’s no such thing as a typical leader can make them more willing to take on management roles (even if they lack the ‘typical’ leadership traits).

By creating a workplace culture where employees can feel confident, you will have accomplished the first essential step in unearthing internal talent.

Trust the Facts

Finding Hidden Gems In Your Organisation putting the puzzle together

Data isn’t just a valuable tool when it comes to gathering vital information on clients and market trends – it can also be used to gain insights into your own team. No matter what kind of system you use to track employee performance, taking a closer look at your internal methods is one of the most reliable ways to find hidden gems.

Whether you want to examine client retention rates, employee hours or deadline delivery – there are many ways to spot quiet achievers in your organisation. Instead of trying to guess where your hidden gems are located, the use of data can help you see who’s really putting in the hard yards.

Start Early

Finding Hidden Gems In Your Organisation teams bonding

If you leave a hidden gem buried for too long, it could be lost forever. Employees who feel undervalued will inevitably start making plans to jump ship. Failing to retain talent isn’t just a waste of potential – it also increases turnover rates, leaving you with no choice but to spend more time and resources on recruitment.

Even if they don’t decide to leave the company, a person’s talent may still be squandered if they’re never given the chance to make the most of it. The earlier you spot your organisation’s hidden gems, the sooner you can start unleashing their potential.

No matter how badly you want to find your organisation’s concealed gems, identifying potential isn’t always easy. But if you persist with unearthing the talent hiding in your team, everyone will reap the benefits. It might take a bit of digging, but you’re bound to strike gold.

If you’re committed to building strong leaders in your company, Chandler Macleod People Insights can assist you to identify potential leaders using cutting edge psychoanalytical techniques. Armed with this knowledge we can also provide leadership development workshops to further equip your emerging leaders with the skills and tools they require for success.

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