Indigenous Jobs & Employment.

Chandler Macleod have a track record of delivering positive, sustainable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment solutions through effective recruitment, selection, management and retention practices. Our teams have industry leading expertise and work with organisations to design and implement Indigenous employment programs, develop culturally safe workplaces and implement Reconciliation Action Plans.

As part of our commitment to closing the gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment outcomes, we launched the Solid Start initiative.

Giving People a Solid Start
We created Solid Start to support our vision of improving the socio-economic circumstances of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through education, employment and training. We do this by:

Developing Culturally Safe Workplaces
We encourage a proactive approach utilising cultural awareness training, mentoring and coaching, and supported access to local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Through our Solid Start team, we can work with you to identify the best type of training and development for your organisation.

Finding BestFit Indigenous Candidates
Traditional sourcing and assessment methods can present barriers to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation. We have worked to refine and improve the recruitment process to be culturally appropriate. Innovations include creating a ‘norm’ group for Indigenous psychometric testing, culturally appropriate assessment centres and culturally informed induction processes. Our Indigenous Strategy Managers can work to formulate a bespoke solution for your organisation.

Focusing on Long-Term Solutions
We focus on long-term, sustainable employment based on partnerships between individuals, organisations and community networks. Balancing these areas is of the utmost importance for increasing workplace diversity. Our relationships with Indigenous communities and networks are critical to identifying potential, and developing future opportunities for Indigenous communities as a whole rather than as a once off solution.

Solid Start Information - Chandler Macleod Group

Successful Outcomes from Solid Start

MINING - Project 1

We exceeded the market average rate of placement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates when sourcing for experienced mining operators for this client. Over the sourcing period, 7.3% of all candidates placed identified as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander with 1/3 of these identifying as women.

We developed and executed a sourcing strategy for production and maintenance operators, which included our Solid Start initiatives and cultural support networks which resulted in an appointment of over 25% of a 650-candidate workforce being Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. We sourced and mobilised a workforce for a fixed plant maintenance workshop within a 12-week period. By utilising our culturally informed practices, we achieved an Indigenous employment rate of 10%.

GOVERNMENT - Project 2

This project, aimed at providing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to start their careers and develop their professional and technical skills in the public service, involved activities across a 3-year period to source 280 merit listed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates across three programs.

Our focus on community engagement, attending onsite events and sourcing directly from our own database were paramount to success. We utilised culturally appropriate assessment centres and designed interview guides which were culturally informed. Chandler Macleod Group were contracted by the Australian Government to assist in supporting their Aboriginal development and employment program.

We facilitated a holistic and culturally supportive assessment centre to increase access to government roles. By focussing on providing specific and culturally informed support, we placed 12 candidates in an 18-month employment and development project.

ENERGY - Project 3

By focussing on diversity and culturally informed sourcing strategies, we sourced a qualified Aboriginal engineer which is a traditionally hard-to-fill position. When sourcing for a recent solar project, our Indigenous strategy team engaged with local Aboriginal Community organisations and utilised our Solid Start initiatives to achieve an impressive 17% rate of Indigenous employment.


We supported 22 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to complete school based traineeships in Mining Operations. The students completed 2-year programs aimed at increasing their employment outcomes. We have successfully implemented several Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander pre-employment programs designed to provide pathways to meaningful and sustainable employment. We have run seven programs to date with a greater than 80% rate of employment outcome.


Since 2016, our Managed Training Services (MTS) branch has provided a free service assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities with the application process for transport assistance for ‘Sorry Business’ (funeral transport). This service is provided free of charge as a value add to the Department of Transport NSW, and provides the local community with culturally informed assistance through our trained MTS staff.

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